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Unplugged Weddings

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Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Alta Ripa Oud-Turnhout

I want to talk to you about unplugged weddings. What are they, and why do I want you to have an unplugged wedding, at least the ceremony?
‘Unplugged’ means no connection with the outside world. No cell phones, no internet, no tablets… Just you and your guests enjoying the moment. Can you even imagine that nowadays? It’s difficult, right? People seem to not be able to enjoy the moment anymore, they need to capture everything they do and see with their smartphone. So they will also try to capture you walking down the aisle, you exchanging the rings, you having your first kiss… Will you or they ever look at those pictures again? Probably not. Will these photos be great? Most likely not. Will they affect the photos taken by the professional you hired? They probably will!

Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Buiksloterkerk Amsterdam

As a professional photographer I can tell you: I have always worked around the Uncle Bob standing in the aisle, taking pictures with his phone or his camera. But he made me take a picture that wasn’t carefully composed. Usually I think of a composition for important moments like I just mentioned before they happen. I think of the best way that I could use the natural light and surroundings to make a photo, such that I have the best results possible. And when there are guests standing in the way to give me that photo, I’m disappointed. And so might you be when you see the pictures later.

Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Hotel Villa Ruimzicht

Beside, would you like to have a photo of your mother shedding away a tear, or your mother holding her phone during the entire ceremony to film it? No emotions on your guests faces, just phones blocking their eyes. I can tell you, my heart aches everytime I see this happening, and it sill happens way too often.
Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Landgoed WaterlandFine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Alta Ripa Oud-TurnhoutThat’s why I ask all of you: GO UNPLUGGED! Ask your guests to put off their phone during the day, or at least during the ceremony, such that they can enjoy the day with you. You will not regret it when you see the pictures of your professional photographer afterwards!

Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth Van Lent - Tespelduyn

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